Non Formal Education Management Information System (NFEMIS) - Pakistan

NFEMIS Modules support Data Driven Management

Four Fundamentals modules of any NFE project like planning, implementation, monitoring/ tracking and evaluation are core components of this NFEMIS system. Characteristics of the modules are given below:


Raw data is collected from the field on a system generated pro-foram. Planners / Managers can do the statistical analysis based on the reports generated fro that raw data.


Implementation module covers the detailed information about Non Formal Basic Education (NFBE) schools and Adult Literacy Centers (ALCs), teachers and their qualification, Learner enrollment history, complete tracking information on open and closed schools, teacher replacement history as well as information on school supervisory staff and affiliated NGOs.


Monitoring module is divided into two parts; in first part, physical conditions of schools/ centers and provided facilities are monitored on monthly bases, while in the second part learners are tracked individually on quarterly basis.


The Evaluation module assesses the learners who are appeared in the exam and are evaluated by taking mid and final exam