Non Formal Education Management Information System (NFEMIS) - Pakistan

National Educational Managementn Information Sytesm (NEMIS)

The National Educational Management Information System (NEMIS) has been functioning in AEPAM since 1993. The main purpose of the NEMIS is to consolidate and collate education statistics, maintain comprehensive national education database, set standards for quality improvement of education data, and provide technical support to the provincial and district EMISs for enhancing their capacity to generate and maintain education data. The NEMIS does not collecting, processing & publishing data of non-formal education institutes.

Annual School Census of Non Formal Education through NFEMIS

To develop a mechanism for collection, processing & publishing data of non-formal institutes of Pakistan in the pattern of NEMIS, the NF-EMIS is also composed of two regulatory committees; TechCOM & CoordCOM

Technical Committee (TechCOM)

Coordination Committee (CordCOM)